Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies

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Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies

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Catchy and fun with lots of original songs
What a great children’s cd! It is catchy and fun with lots of original songs to enliven any party for children. I’ve given many away as baby gifts. The mothers love the songs as much as the children do. Great work! Waiting for your next cd to come out.

The best kids music since the Muppets!
Your kids will love it, they will dance and sing and spin around in circles until they get dizzy. There is a catch, however: You may find yourself in line at the store singing silly lines such as “duck goose goose bee elephant” and “Rudy rockhopper, champion penguin tobogganer.” This is kids music that you do not have to be a child to enjoy.
Joseph Bartoleit

I love the Singing Strummer!!
Singing Strummer is so wonderful—full of rhythm play, sweet vulnerability, and soul—demonstrating the true and meaningful connection Mr. Singer makes when he teaches, sings, and plays with young people—celebrating the VOICE of the child. The song will hook you and make you smile and touch your heart too. Rock On.

Great CD!!
I received this CD from a family friend after the birth of our daughter and LOVED it! For her first birthday celebration I’m giving one out to each of her guests! It’s fun and creative! Kids (AND parents!) will certainly enjoy!
Sarah Egan

Great for all ages!
We love this CD! Almost all of the songs are original and have fun melodies and lyrics. The included song booklet is great for visual learners too. My 10 month old son loves the upbeat music and we (parents) love it because of the departure from children’s standards. It also incorporates a variety of instruments and different singers so every song offers something new. One of our favorite children’s CDs!!!!

We Love Mister Singer!
My son was lucky enough to have Mr. Singer as his pre-school music teacher. He still remembers the wonderfully inventive songs they came up with and the CD is a fabulous way for him to remember the fun times. Logan and Mr. Singer rock! I’ve even found myself listening to the music when the kids were in school.
Nanci Smilie

We Love The Sharp Cookies!!!
I bought this cd when my son was just 6 months old and even then could see how much he enjoyed it! He is now 13months young and dances and jumps when he hears the Sharp Cookies cd! Mr Singer and Marius Mustard performed at my sons b-day party and truly made it a day we’ll remember forever! Everyone talked about it for days.
Jessica Solberg

What a wonderful children’s album! My son is too young to understand most of the words, but he likes bouncing around to the songs. Ella Gorrilla is a favorite.
Scott Van Dyke

What fun!
The kiddos absolutely loooooove this album! Great fun for us all. Our favorite song is the lightning bug song.