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Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies 45-minutes

Mr. Singer leads Chicago’s most energetic band that rocks for kids- at the zoo, at museums, at nightclubs (and dayclubs) and anywhere else that families with young children like to rock out together. The songs are clever originals augmented by some punky favorites all amplified by a bigger-than-life performer and his band mates- always including sparkling singer Kerry Appleberry and dynamo drummer Marius Mustard! Sometimes they bring in a few friends for an even larger sound! Each show has its own surprises- from puppets to painting, to a suitcase full of instruments. It’s hard to find more fun than kids and their parents tuning in and dancing their hearts out! 

Most sets are 45-minutes of performance with ample time before and after to share high-fives and conversation.Additional musicians and discount rate for multiple sets available upon request

Mr. Singer Solo 45-minutes

Arriving with his guitar and kick drum suitcase, Mr. Singer comes to your event dressed like the rock star he is! He gets the party going with kids clapping, singing, playing rhythm games, and dancing. For the big jams, everyone grabs something cool from the huge Suitcase Full O’ Instruments! His own fun originals, favorite children’s classics, and even the most unexpected rock’n’roll faves are part of the show! Parents just can’t resist joining in! The party finishes up with a rollicking farewell sing-a-long. It’s a blast every time!

Mr. Singer & Kerry Appleberry Duo 45-minutes

When Mr. Singer & Kerry Appleberry come to rock, expect great songs and great interaction! Kerry more than doubles the performance energy with sweet harmonies, groovy percussion and by leading the uplifting audience participation. The resulting hands-on hootenanny brings everyone together for a high-energy sing along/dance party/jam session!

You won’t want this colorful couple to leave!


 We have 3 albums available (Cds or Download Code Stickers) for only $5 each when you buy 10 or more as party favors.


Fine Print
Parking to be covered by client. If outdoor event is planned, a second location or full payment is needed to book. Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies require a suitable system- which we can arrange! The solo and duo shows are priced for acoustic performances in small spaces. A sound system can be provided for larger events for an additional $100 and if you want something extra special, say strings or horns or our favorite bass player in the band, we can work it out!

**Current Enrollees in Mr. Singer's LeitHaus classes get 15%off**

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