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Mr. Singer & the Sharp Cookies

Muddy Water Beaver Dam Band


Muddy Water Beaver Dam Band


The Muddy Water Beaver Dam Band

Chicago’s own Mr. Singer’s debut album. An epic, original involving more than one hundred children singers and forty guest musicians. 



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The Sharp Cookies’ irrepressibly-delightful, "Muddy Water Beaver Dam Band" is a true concept album, filled with unforgettable musical characters like Ella Gorilla, Rathputin the Rattlethnake, the Singing Strummer, Rudy Rockhopper and The Subway Mouse. In an accompanying sixteen-page booklet by Chicago artist and photographer, Kerry Firstenleit, the delightful denizens of the Sharp Cookies’ sonic universe are given wonderful visual dimensions

In their previous lives as Chicago stage and studio pros, the founding members of the Sharp Cookies worked with everyone from Aretha Franklin, the Temptations and Buddy Guy to Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill and Moby. Now they are bringing their monstrous chops, technical wizardry and musical passion to the main stages of classic children’s venues. 

Mr. Singer undeniable knack for drawing unsuspecting folks into his musical web. Scores of kids, parents, educators and musicians lent their high spirits and sweet voices to the Muddy Water Beaver Dam Band project and the result is a soaring, eclectic, enduring delight